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Missing The Mark

I’m a pretty good shot. At least for a guy who wasn’t allowed to have a BB gun (or any gun) when I was growing up. Nowadays, I can usually hit the target consistently.

But not today.

I bought one of those Daisy BB rifles to have a little fun with. I set a plastic cup out on the ground in the backyard about fifty feet with a black spot markered onto it, and went up to the top of my back deck and started at it. I must have shot 50 rounds and never hit the cup once. Grazed it --- whistled by it --- and smoked up the dirt around it --- but I missed the mark each time.

Sin is like that. The word used in the Bible for sin means “to miss the mark”. And that’s what we do when we miss the mark of what God’s will and purpose is for us each day. And it can be frustrating, can’t it? We can set our sights, aim steady, and still miss the mark.

Friends, thank God we have a Savior, Jesus Christ. He never missed the mark, and his marksmanship is credited to us when we believe in Him and follow Him.

As we take each step this Lent towards the celebration of Easter, pause and remember how much we have to be thankful for, and seize each opportunity you have to live deeply in the Christian faith --- especially the Good Friday Service this year at Mount Nebo. I know it’s going to be a powerful reminder of God’s loving sacrifice for us all.

Yours and His,

Pastor Glenn